Acacia Services

Acacia’s clients enjoy the benefit of selecting only those services that are needed:

Companionship – A smiling face, a helping hand, ears to hear and a voice to encourage. From conversation to cards, reading aloud to going for walks, our Caregivers focus on providing social and physical stimulation to keep people active and engaged.

Facilitation of everyday activities  – Everyday living activities such as housekeeping, laundry, sorting through the mail or organizing personal affairs often present challenges to people. We can assist with household responsibilities making life easier for you and your loved ones.

Transportation – Whether getting to and from appointments, running errands, visiting the beauty parlor/barber shop or enjoying lunch at a nearby restaurant, it seems like our clients are always on the go. We assist clients in preparing for an outing, provide transportation, accompany them while away from home, and help them get settled as they return.

Monitoring of diet and preparation of nutritious meals - Healthy eating and physical activity are important lifestyle habits for people of all ages. They are of particular importance for the elderly people, who are at increased risk for nutrient deficiencies. Many elderly people have unique barriers that prevent them from eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity. At Acacia we understand these barriers and often step in to assist our clients not only with preparations of the nutrient-rich foods, but making their mealtimes interesting... the setting, the companionship and the conversation.

Assisting clients with self-administration of medications – Sometimes a simple, daily medication reminder from a caring companion is all that senior needs to keep health priority in their schedule. We can also keep track of specific medical needs in the home and offer reminders and helpful suggestions.

Providing respite for a family member - The role of the natural caregiver can become both physically and emotionally exhausting. Care giving is a demanding, difficult job and no one is equipped to do it alone. Getting help is essential for the health of natural caregivers, and their resilience is critical for their loved ones. Acacia services can provide you with information and support.

Assistance with mobility

Managing administrative health-related activities - such as scheduling doctor's appointments

Ongoing close communication with the client and family