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about acacia

We provide ultimate homecare services for senior citizens.

Our expertise, dedication and most importantly compassion towards the clients we serve make us unique.

Acacia Retirement Services is an agency operating on the West Island and the Great Montreal area. Whoever you are, whatever your personal needs, Acacia will provide the level of care required to help you remain in your home. Because there’s no place like home. With Acacia you can rest assured that you are receiving the very best in elder care. The care we provide is the care that we, ourselves, would want to receive.


Our clients enjoy the benefit of selecting only those services that are needed.



A smiling face, a helping hand, ears to hear and a voice to encourage. From
conversation to cards, reading aloud to going for walks, our Caregivers focus on providing social and physical stimulation to keep people active and engaged.


Facilitation of everyday activities

Everyday living activities such as housekeeping, laundry,
sorting through the mail or organizing personal affairs often present challenges to people. We can assist with household responsibilities making life easier for you and your loved ones.



Whether getting to and from appointments, running errands, visiting the beautyparlor/barber shop or enjoying lunch at a nearby restaurant, it seems like our clients are always on
the go. We assist clients in preparing for an outing, provide transportation, accompany them while away from home, and help them get settled as they return.


Monitoring of diet
and preparation of nutritious meals

Many elderly people have unique barriers that prevent them from eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activity. At Acacia we
understand these barriers and often step in to assist our clients not only with preparations of the nutrient-rich foods, but making their mealtimes interesting... the setting, the companionship and the


Assisting clients with self-administration of medications

Sometimes a simple, daily
medication reminder from a caring companion is all that senior needs to keep health priority in their
schedule. We can also keep track of specific medical needs in the home and offer reminders and helpful suggestions.


Providing respite for a family member

The role of the natural caregiver can become both
physically and emotionally exhausting. Care giving is a demanding, difficult job and no one isequipped to do it alone. Getting help is essential for the health of natural caregivers, and their resilience is critical for their loved ones. Acacia services can provide you with information and support.


Assistance with mobility


Managing administrative health-related activities


Ongoing close communication with the client and family

acacia plan options

We offer care plan options to ensure that our clients find the right mix of services and schedule that meets their needs.

We find that our no-obligation, FREE In-Home Consultation makes a big
difference in effectively forming the vital working relationship between
caregiver and client. This initial face-to-face meeting in the client’s
home allows us to tailor a care plan based upon an understanding of the
situation, the environment, and the client’s needs and expectations. We work with our clients and their families to ensure that they receive the best possible care.

Client Determined Schedule

You have your own schedule, your own commitments. Care services can be scheduled for a few hours, a whole day, once a week, or every day. Our care plans include no required minimum number of hours and can be adjusted over the course of our service relationship to meet changing functional needs of the client.


Acacia provides personalized, non-medical, assisted living services anywhere a client and their family needs them ... in their home, in the hospital, rehabilitation center, nursing home, retirement community, etc.


Acacia services are affordable as each client and their family decides how often and when our services are needed. As with our flexible schedule options, our care plans include no required minimum fee

acacia caregivers

Experienced and reliable companions.

a young happy woman huggs an older happy elderly women

Naturally caring, thoughtful people with a genuine desire to help others


Consider the entire spectrum of a client’s needs and display a high level of initiative and ingenuity in meeting them


Are punctual and evince the utmost respect for a client’s home and belongings


Good listeners – the ideal caregiver must be not only responsive to the client’s stated needs –
must also be sensitive to nonverbal communication and learn to anticipate his needs


Understand that one must consider the whole person, not just the physical requirements of care

What our clients say

I feel very fortunate to have Joanna and I don’t know what I would do without her. She is such a warm, caring person that I enjoy being with her. Joanna obviously gets a lot of pleasure from helping seniors.

Hazel O.

I have known Joanna for over six years now. I have always found her to be very kind, responsible, reliable, punctual and just plain easy to be with. I would recommend her to anyone in need.

Heather G.

My experience with Acacia has been excellent. I have found Joanna to be a very caring and dedicated person who has personally devoted time to assist me with my needs on a number of occasions.

Jean G.

I am very happy with the services Acacia has provided for my grand-mother. I know I can count on the Acacia caregiver to identify unattended needs and suggest solutions. My grand-mother feels like she has a friend coming over. On my end, I know she’s getting the help she needs that allows her to continue living in her own apartment despite significant disabilities. I would definitely recommend the services of Acacia.


For the past 5 years we have had a pleasure of dealing with Joanna in her capacity as retirement services provider for my father. In that role she has been extremely competent and reliable. Her ability to deal with healthcare professionals is exceptional and of enormous benefit to us. Her understanding of a healthcare system is invaluable, and we had sought her opinion on numerous occasions. Her willingness to do things that are not part of her mandate is greatly appreciated and is an example of her dedication to her job. Over the years she has become an important part of our family .

Phil & Family
Pierrefonds, QC

I am so glad that Acacia Retirement Services exists.   I live in Toronto.  I was worried about how I would be able to ensure that my mother would have someone to take her to her appointments, be my eyes and ears while I am in Toronto. I searched on the Internet and found Acacia.  Their services are wonderful and are affordable.   In addition, a nice relationship has developed between my mother and the Acacia person who visits her on a regular weekly basis.  I know that she cares about my mother’s well-being and informs me if there is something that I should follow up on. If my mother needs anything, she can pick up the phone and call Acacia.  Her needs will be addressed either the same day or within 24 hours. My mind is so at ease knowing that Acacia is there for my mother.

Debbie S.

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